EBC-4000 & EBC-4036 Battery Charger


The EBC-4000 and EBC-4036 offer flexible solutions to meet your shop demands

  • 4-Independent Variable Charge Circuits
  • Battery Voltage Meter
  • Charge Output Selection Switch
  • Voltage Select Switch
  • Independent Battery Charge Condition
    Indicator & On/Off Switch
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BHA-3500 Battery and Housing Analyzer

A Must Have!

The BHA-3500 automates emergency lighting system troubleshooting.

  • Large 0.56 inch LCD Digital Panel Meters
  • Back light display
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% (23 +/- 5) < 80%
  • Reverse polarity indicator
  • Battery pack condition indication (LED)
  • Current Viewing Resistor (CVR) for high
    current measurement
  • High wattage load bank (selectable)
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Activator 282 Fully Automatic Charger

Extends Battery Life!

The Activator 282 is a direct connect, fully automatic 2 Amp charger capable of charging a 24 volt military or aviation battery of any rating from zero to full capacity.

  • Direct Connect Design – No charge cables
  • Microprocessor controlled, multistep charge algorithm
  • 8 Amp pulses bring a deeply discharged battery up from zero volts
  • Conditioning mode top charges NiCads and rejuvenates Lead Acid
  • Short cell/over-temp protection, non-responsive battery indication
  • Can be left on indefinitely – charges only when required