Increasing the profits of our Airline and MRO partners

Welcome to Phoenix Aviation

At Phoenix Aviation we think of ourselves as your business partner in your repair management success. We started Phoenix Aviation with the vision of providing our aviation partners with a 145 Repair Station that worked with our customers to reduce their operational costs and gain more reliable maintenance standards with regard to aircraft batteries. Through our years of service we have proven our initial business model, strengthened our reputation in the industry and expanded our capabilities.

Additionally, Phoenix Aviation has patented egress battery chargers and troubleshooting equipment that we manufacture and use at our repairs facility and which have also been implemented at Southwest Airlines, Mesa Airlines, Sierra Pacific Airlines, Vision Airlines and Aeroframe Services in their own hangars. Our customers appreciate and rely upon our high quality standards, skilled technicians and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure accurate testing, overhaul and maintenance protocol and provide price-conscious options available for repair services.